HANDS-ON: The Swiss Fake Longines Record Australian Limited Edition

The Longines Record Collection is an important pillar of the brand today, representing the clean classicism that is embodied by the brand. The Heritage Collection is popular with the vintage enthusiast, just as the Sport Collection is a favourite of the adventurous type, and the Record Collection is designed to be an everyday companion and has a correspondingly universal appeal. The openly spaced and cleanly designed dials, as well as the elegant case designs, make for a watch that can look good in any situation, be it casual or formal. This dynamic nature is seen in the new watch copy Longines Record Australian Limited Edition, which takes that collective DNA and expresses it with luxurious flair.

The stainless steel fake watch is decorated with diamonds.
Stainless Steel Case Fake Longines Record Australian Limited Edition
The case

The stainless steel case of the best watch replica Longines Record Australian Limited Edition measures a well-balanced 38.5mm in diameter, but wears slightly larger thanks to the generously curved lugs. Housed within the steel case is the Longines caliber L888.4, a relatively slim automatic winding movement that keeps the watch sitting sleekly against your wrist.
Boasting a full 62 hours of power reserve, the caliber L888.4 is also COSC certified, showing Longines’ commitment to high performance even within their larger families such as the Record Collection.

The dial

Offering a frame for the dial against the steel case, the tastefully adorned bezel is set with 52 internally flawless VVS diamonds. Weighing a combined 0.624 carats, the precious stones walk the design tightrope between overly subtle and audacious, catching the eye without being too glitzy.
As the eye is drawn to the space that the bezel surrounds, you see the shimmering white mother-of-pearl dial that is peppered with a further 13 diamonds placed as hour markers. The pearlescent dial offers a high-contrast canvas to the blued steel hands that precisely track the hours, minutes and seconds as they pass.

The white dial replica watch has date window.
White Dial Replica Longines Record Australian Limited Edition
The straps

While all of this makes for a beautiful watch, it certainly isn’t the end of the impressive list of features on offer. Upon receipt of the Longines Record Australian Limited Edition, you will receive three different alligator leather straps, dyed purple, white and black. This helpful range of hues can be swapped to match an outfit, or to whatever the feeling of the day might be. All of the straps can be changed easily without tools, thanks to Longines’ simple adjustment mechanism that can be activated from the rear of each strap.

The verdict

The perfect watch fake Longines Record Australian Limited Edition is very much a watch to be worn every day. From the practicality of the date window and the COSC certified movement to the range of strap offerings, this watch seeks to expose the almost universally appropriate design of the Record Collection that is so clearly on display in this watch. It is a watch that can be dressed up or down, but maintains its identity as a luxurious and sophisticated timepiece that expresses an understated confidence.

Hands-on Quality Replica TAG Heuer x Fragment Design Calibre Heuer 02 Chronograph

The male fake watch has black dial.

Swiss TAG Heuer replica has been quite productive this year, creating more than one cool limited-edition chronographs. In addition to the two Carrera made for the brand’s 160th anniversary – Silver Edition and Carrera Montreal – the brand also renewed its partnership with designer Hiroshi Fujiwara and his streetwear brand Fragment Design. Following a minimalistic Carrera model in 2018, this year we have a new watch that not only looks brilliant but could also well be a teaser for new permanent motorsport-inspired models. Let’s have a closer look at the TAG Heuer x Fragment Design Chronograph.


Hiroshi Fujiwara is an internationally renowned Japanese streetwear designer, influencer, musician and founder of Fragment Design. He’s also a watch lover and has been working with TAG Heuer since 2018, to create special edition watches infused with its unique sense of design, mixing boldness and minimalism.

The first watch resulting from this collaboration was based on a Carrera, fitted with a minimalistic black dial and discreet connection with the brand Fragment. Not only the watch was stunning in terms of design, but it was also the base for the Silver and Montreal editions to come next. And for 2020, both brands are teaming up again and bring an unprecedented watch, which isn’t based on something existing yet in the permanent collection.

The male fake watch has black dial.
Black Dial Fake TAG Heuer Watch

Certainly, this new 44mm Automatic Chronograph will feel familiar to Heuer and TAG fans. Arguably, its shape and design are somehow close to both vintage watches or existing models. Yes, the mechanics inside the case aren’t new and have been used in multiple TAGs already. And yes, there’s an undeniable motorsport inspiration in this watch, and that’s not a surprise for a TAG Heuer. However… the combination of all these elements is not something we’ve seen before. This second TAG Heuer x Fragment Design watch is new and not just a different colour on an existing watch. That’s already quite interesting.

The base for this new watch copy TAG Heuer x Fragment Design Chronograph is named the “C-case”, a large and robust tonneau-shaped block of steel that easily refers to 1970s Autavia watches – specifically, the third generation ref. 1163. Indeed, we find here the typical pilot’s case with integrated lugs and highly raised bezel on top of the watch. Almost entirely brushed, the case, as some would have remarked, is also in line with the current Formula 1 watches, yet larger and built with more details (polished bevel on the side) but also more robustness… Maybe you can figure out what’ll be coming in the next month at TAG… This watch could easily become the top-tier extension of the F1 range. The references to the Autavia or the Formula 1 don’t end there.

The bezel’s insert, made of polished ceramic, includes a tachymeter scale with the same graduation (70-66-63) and deep notches as glorious 1970s racing models. The right side of the case features the crown, well-protected with guards, and recessed pushers for the chronograph. The screw-down crown and caseback allow for a comfortable 100m water-resistance.

The male replica watch is equipped with caliber Heuer 02.
Replica TAG Heuer Watch With Caliber Heuer 02

Fujiwara’s touch is particularly visible on the dial of this TAG Heuer x Fragment Design Chronograph, which has been treated in a very minimalistic way – which mostly comes down to the absence of applied hour markers, creating strong negative space on the dial. This bi-compax chronograph plays on monochromatic tone – black and white – only with red accents on the markers and hands. A discreet “Fragment” inscription is found between 4 and 5 o’clock, as well as the two brands’ logos at 12 o’clock.

There’s something really special to this dial, and even though simplistic and flat, it has a great personality. Legibility is also perfect in daylight, while slightly compromised during the night – only the hands feature SLN. The watch is delivered on a new 5-link steel bracelet, with polished and brushed surfaces. As a personal note, I could easily see this watch worn on a 1970s-inspired perforated black leather strap, just to reinforce its classic appeal – and to make it more comfortable too, as the case is quite large and heavy.

Finally, while many of the TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches are powered by quartz chronograph movements, this new perfect fake watch Fragment Design Chronograph relies on the brand’s in-house movement, the Calibre Heuer 02 – an integrated automatic chronograph with column wheel and vertical clutch. The movement is partially visible under a red-tinted sapphire crystal with Fragment’s logo transferred on its surface.

So yes, TAG and Hiroshi Fujiwara have created another very cool limited edition watch. No doubt about it. What’s even more interesting is that it somehow announces what will be the upcoming top-of-the-range Formula 1 Heuer 02 watch. When and how, we don’t know yet, but it will surely come.

Introducing Swiss Fake Omega De Ville Central Tourbillon Numbered Edition, The First Master Chronometer Omega Tourbillon

When most of us think of perfect Omega replica, the first thing to come to mind is probably the Speedmaster, followed closely by the Seamaster and other tough, technically advanced sports and tool watches. Something that probably does not readily spring to mind is the tourbillon, although it probably should – Omega made some of the very first generation of tourbillon wristwatches, in a time (the 1940s) when the tourbillon was not a visual entertainment for the titillation of horological enthusiasts, but was instead at the cutting edge of experiments in producing better chronometry. Omega’s first generation of tourbillon wristwatches virtually never appear for sale or at auctions, but when one did, at Phillips in 2017, it hammered for the rather breathtaking sum of CHF 1,428,500.
The tourbillon wristwatches made in the 1940s used the caliber 30 I, and they were not made for sale – rather, they were intended to be entered in the observatory timing competitions. They had tourbillons which rotated, rather unusually, once every seven-and-a-half minutes, and they were, in their day, the last word in the pursuit of cutting-edge chronometry. Today, Omega has introduced another milestone in both its own history of tourbillon production and in the history of tourbillon watches in general – the new Omega De Ville Tourbillon Numbered Edition, which is, in addition to being the latest version of the De Ville Central Tourbillon, the first to be Master Chronometer certified and capable of resisting magnetic fields of up to at least 15,000 gauss. This latest version of the Omega central tourbillon has a three-day power reserve and a co-axial escapement, as well.
The central tourbillon was first introduced in the De Ville family of watches by Omega in 1994, and it was both a remarkable achievement and a statement of purpose for one of Switzerland’s largest and most important watch firms. Omega had emerged from the Quartz Crisis having lost much of its internal expertise in movement manufacturing, but the company was determined to distinguish itself in this area again. The De Ville Central Tourbillon of 1994 signified its resolve to make the technical excellence of watchmaking at Omega a theme for its future as well as its past.

The 18k gold fake watch has tourbillon.
18K Gold Fake Omega De Ville Watch

The original copy De Ville Central Tourbillon, 1994, as seen at Christie’s Hong Kong in 2018, with the original central tourbillon caliber 1170.
The original De Ville Central Tourbillon was, as they say, just what it says on the tin – a wristwatch in which the tourbillon cage is placed at the center of the movement, rather than at a more customary location (often at 6:00). The project began in 1991 and, according to a very in-depth article on PuristsPro.com from 2007, was codenamed Project 33 (P33) by Omega’s Moritz Grimm and André Beyner (an interesting bit of trivia mentioned in the article was that Beyner gave special projects odd numbers starting from the year of his birth in 1927; P33 was his fourth such project). The team had just three years to produce the watch as it was meant to debut in time for Omega’s 100th anniversary in 1994.
The single biggest technical problem was that the hands of a watch are, of course, normally mounted on pivots placed at the center of the movement, and the location of the central tourbillon made this impossible. A solution was found, however, which was to mount the indicators for the hours and minutes on two sapphire disks, which were driven on their peripheries from gearing under the case bezel (a solution similar in some respects to the Cartier mystery clocks).
The project was, ultimately, completed in time for Omega’s 100th anniversary and was released in a De Ville case, with the central tourbillon caliber 1170. The watch was re-released, this time with a COSC chronometer certification, in 2002. The U.S. patent for the central tourbillon was granted in 1995 (no. 5,608,694) and expired in 2015, but central tourbillons remain extremely rare (one notable example, using a different technical approach from Omega, is the Haldimann H1 Central Flying Tourbillon).

The Sedna® 18k gold copy watch has tourbillon.
Sedna® 18K Gold Copy Omega De Ville Watch

The new fake De Ville Tourbillon Numbered Edition uses a new central tourbillon movement, which keeps the same basic architecture and some of the same basic technical solutions as the caliber 1170, but which is also, in many respects, a new movement. This new movement is the three-day central tourbillon caliber 2640.
De-cased and viewed from the dial side, the system for driving the disks carrying the hour and minute indicators can be seen. The actual driving gears are at the one and two o’clock positions, and there are three retaining guides for the two disks at twelve, four, and eight o’clock; these have two recesses for the two disks. The keyless works for winding and setting occupy most of the space at three o’clock, with a quite beautifully shaped skeletonized cover plate (with integrated detent spring, which is the small, club-like projection at more or less exactly three o’clock). Though it’s a shame this particular element isn’t visible in the finished watch, it’s one of those hidden pieces of craftsmanship which historically has lent so much interest to fine watchmaking.
The two mainspring barrels are prominently visible in recesses in the back of the movement; they are visually connected by an arc-shaped bridge which also acts as the sector for the power reserve. (While the original 1994 model was self-winding, the new model is hand-wound). Based on the placement of the jewels, the barrels appear to run in series, with the one on the right driving the actual going train for the central tourbillon (the jewels and pivots for the train wheels are located under the bridge that makes up the upper third of the movement). Plates and bridges are all in Sedna gold, and the movement in its design and finishing recalls both traditional fine finishing techniques, as well as more modern materials and approaches. The use of a frosted gold finish, rather than more conventional Geneva stripes is, to my eye, a bit reminiscent of the English pocket watch tradition. I don’t know if this was intended by Omega as a subtle homage to George Daniels, the inventor of the co-axial escapement, but it certainly gives the movement a very dignified appearance, contrasting as it does with the large jewels and highly polished steel-work.
This is the first Omega central tourbillon to be Master Chronometer certified, and Omega has succeeded in creating a tourbillon which will continue to function when exposed to extremely high magnetic fields (the minimum resistance for Master Chronometer certified watches is 15,000 gauss). The carriage for the tourbillon is made of ceramised titanium, with the entire movement running in 50 jewels. The one-minute carriage also functions as the seconds hand for the watch.
This is a quite major piece of news, albeit in the quite small (relatively speaking) world of high-end horology. The De Ville Central Tourbillon marked an historic moment when it debuted in 1994 for Omega’s centennial, and it remains one of the most groundbreaking tourbillon watches of all time, representing, as it does, a combination of great visual interest and very clever technical watchmaking. The original brainchild of Moritz Grimm and André Beyner has now been brought very much up to date with Master Chronometer certification and a co-axial escapement. It’s a watch I hope very much to be able to see in person at some point this year.

INTRODUCING: The Best Fake TAG Heuer Aquaracer “Tortoise Shell” ain’t like your Granny’s glasses…

The summer watch is a category as important as pilot’s watch or doctor’s watch, but without the historically derived definition that comes from a serious professional context. A loose definition might include a watch that needs to be robust, waterproof and easy to read after five Aperol Spritzes, but it also needs to be fun and communicate a bit of personality. After all, the summer holidays (regardless of the hemisphere you live in) are a time when the workplace persona can be dropped, you can relax into the warmer weather and leave your more conservative timepieces in the safe for a few weeks. Bright colours, uncommon textures and interesting materials are all part of the summer watch playbook, as they aim to complement your board shorts instead of your boardroom suit and tie. For all those reasons, the new watch copy TAG Heuer Aquaracer “Tortoise Shell” is one of the most compelling summer watches to hit the market this year.

The blue straps fake watches are made from steel.
Blue Straps Fake TAG Heuer Aquaracer Watches

Being born into the Aquaracer family of perfect TAG Heuer replica makes perfect sense, as the tool watch DNA of the collection nicely matches up with the brief of being a robust and waterproof watch. True to heritage, this latest member of the Aquaracer gene pool houses the workhorse TAG Heuer Calibre 5.
The automatic winding movement is functionally focused, with the only complication beyond the time being the date display. Not something you might need moment to moment in the hedonistic liminalism of the warm summer sun, but helpful to remind you to go back to the office.
But where much of the Aquaracer collection is sleekly designed with a pallet of more neutral tones, these two new TAG Heuer Aquaracer “Tortoise Shell” references break the mould with exciting colours and visual textures. The 60-minute bezel has been produced in a marbled resin that gives the appearance of tortoise shell, a design decision rarely seen in watchmaking and more commonly seen in reading and sunglasses. This mottled effect has been produced in brown (with a black dial) and blue (with a blue dial) tones that complement several printed highlights on their respective dials.

The male copy watches have luminant dials.
Luminant Dials Copy TAG Heuer Aquaracer Watches

As you would expect from a TAG Heuer Aquaracer, both 43mm steel cases are water resistant to 300m, which should be more than enough for floating with a Campari and soda next to a pool bar in the Mediterranean. This is achieved with both a screw-down crown and caseback, the latter of which features the engraving of an antique diving helmet. The lume is liberally applied (remember, a great summer watch needs to be easy to read at night too) in both blue and green Super-LumiNova that offers a nice visual contrast.
Attaching the quality fake watch to your wrist is one of TAG Heuer’s comfortable rubber straps, which is fastened with a folding clasp. The straps feature an alligator leather texture and match the colours of the respective dials. Both watches are anticipated to be available in August 2020, in time for the end of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, and the beginning of our warmer months in Australia.

NEWS: Presenting Best Replica Hublot Big Bang Sky Blue UK

Between the water and the air, the new Hublot Big Bang Sky Blue becomes the horizon. Cloaked in the blue of the sea as in that of the sky, both relaxed and sophisticated, the Big Bang Unico Sky Blue invites you on a journey. From Mykonos to Ibiza via Saint-Tropez, the background is set. Made out of ceramic, this new model makes an innovative material your new basic. The time that ticks away on the perfect watch fake Hublot Big Bang Unico Sky Blue inspires light and relaxed rhythm. That of the summer, of time for oneself.

The white strap fake watch has blue case.
White Strap Watch Fake Hublot Big Bang Sky Blue

With its 45 mm diameter case and its combination of pale blue and white, it arrives on the most renowned of the Cyclades islands, where the blue waters of the Aegean Sea contrast with the whiteness of its lime-washed houses under a clear blue sky.

Its relaxed style, sporting a velcro fabric strap with a sky blue ceramic deployant clasp, travels the blue waters of the Mediterranean to drop anchor in the Bay of Saint-Tropez, where the blues of the water and the sky unite endlessly. Sailboats then reach the wild coves of the White Island, where the nights blend into the days and where the Big Bang Unico Sky Blue puts on its second strap, in sky blue and white rubber.

The male copy watch has hollowed dial.
Hollowed Dial Watch Copy Hublot Big Bang Sky Blue

Beneath a minimalist appearance, its pale blue reveals nonetheless a material whose resistance to wear is undisputed. This is ceramic, which Hublot has come to master. In 2019, Hublot created ceramic in bright colors, a patented world first. Since then, all —or almost all— of the Pantone colors are within its reach. The new Hublot Big Bang Unico Sky Blue brings together two Hublot essentials: the iconic Big Bang model and the Swiss watchmaker’s material of choice. A watch and a material that has been writing Hublot’s history for 15 years.

The quality copy Hublot Big Bang Sky Blue reference 411.EX.5120.NR is limited to 100 pieces with a skeleton sky blue dial and powered by the in-house Unico calibre MHUB1242 with a power reserve of 72 hours. The ceramic case back with sapphire crystal features the engraving ‘Limited Edition’ with the individual number for each watch in the 100-piece limited series. The watch is delivered with a white fabric strap with polished sky blue ceramic clasp and a white and sky blue rubber strap with titanium deployant clasp.

Introducing Cheap Replica Mido Ocean Star Decompression Timer 1961 ‘Rainbow Diver’ (Live Pics & Pricing)

Stainless Steel Watch Copy Mido Ocean Star

In a recent comment, a HODINKEE Community member questioned the notion of a “summer watch” – and there is an argument to be made, certainly, that a good watch is not something that is bought for a season, but for the satisfaction it will bring over the years to its original owner, before it is passed down in the fullness of time to their beloved issue, who will never look at it without a softening of the eye as fond and imperishable memories crowd in, etc. etc. However, I like to think that there are times of the year when certain kinds of watches seem, not only more attractive than at other times of year, but positively irresistible. In that vein, I would like to put a thesis to you, gentle reader: the Mido Ocean Star Decompression Timer 1961, which no one can object to referring to as the Rainbow Diver, is one heck of a great summer watch.

This is probably one of the more hotly anticipated summer releases. The news that Swiss fake Mido has been planning on bringing it back has been out for several days, as of this writing, and so far, the consensus seems to be that Mido has hit a home run, and I see no reason to offer a counterargument (which would be difficult to sustain anyway). The original version of this watch was the Powerwind 1000, ref. 5907, from 1961 – it was part of the Ocean Star line, which launched in 1959, right about the time that recreational scuba diving was really taking off around the world. The watch was not in production for all that long, going out of production in 1965. As a result, the Powerwind 1000, whose name refers to its 1,000-feet/300-meter water resistance (this without a screw-down crown, apparently), has become a very popular collectible for dive watch enthusiasts. I don’t follow this particular segment of the vintage collectible watch market tremendously closely, but it looks as if these somewhat rare and very colorful vintage divers retail for close to the $10,000 mark these days – a considerable premium over most other contemporary Mido watches, it would seem.

The male fake watch has a black strap.
Black Strap Watch Fake Mido Ocean Star

The new version of the watch has some serious vintage-dive-watch street cred, but it is in other respects – especially technically – a modern watch. The case is stainless steel, 40.5mm, sans display back (naturally), although it does have the original’s Ocean Star starfish, in relief; there is a sapphire box crystal. There is a screw-down crown, one-way turning bezel, and 200-meter water resistance. This is a step down from the 300 meters of the original, which had a one-piece case; Mido offered an unconditional guarantee of water resistance at depth, which they proudly pointed out in the original instruction manual. 200 meters, of course, is more than six hundred feet, which is well below the depths usually reached in recreational scuba diving, so if you want to take a new Ocean Star Decompression Timer underwater, you’re more than covered.

The signature feature of the best copy Ocean Star Decompression Timer (and of course, its ancestor from the 1960s) is the brightly colored decompression table on the dial. The decompression timer is used to tell you how long a decompression stop you’ll need if you exceed the no-decompression limit of staying at 59 feet for 50 minutes. If you’re into dive watches, you probably know the reason you need to decompress if you go below a certain depth for more than a certain time. Recreational scuba divers breathe a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen, and when you dive, you absorb nitrogen into the bloodstream. If you’re not down too far for too long, the amount absorbed will dissipate harmlessly topside, but if you stay deeper longer, enough nitrogen is dissolved into the blood and other body fluids that, if you ascend too fast, bubbles will form (just like taking the top off a soda). This can cause severe pain, which makes the body curl in agony, giving the disease its name: the bends. Bad cases can cause joint and nerve damage and even be fatal.

This is a bad business, but the solution is to stop at a certain minimum safe depth – 3 meters will actually do it, although from what I have read, it is common practice today, depending on your dive profile, to make more than one stop at different depths, as dictated by your dive computer. The whole problem is very interesting; if you make more than one dive per day, you still have to be careful even after you surface, because you have residual nitrogen in your body which must be taken into account when you plan your next dive. Dive tables assume (including the one on this watch) that your entire dive prior to ascent is spent at the indicated depth, but if you are using a modern dive computer, you can shorten decompression time, as going to sixty meters for only five minutes, and then spending the rest of your time at shallower depths, does not require as long a decompression stop as spending the entire dive at maximum depth.

The decompression table on the watch is extremely easy to use. Vintage models would sometimes show depth in meters, sometimes in feet, and sometimes in both; the new watch is calibrated for both meters and feet. Once below the no-deco stop depth limit, you simply look at the maximum depth you will reach – say, 95 feet for the green ring – and then read along the ring clockwise until you reach the point that corresponds to how long you will be at depth. For the 95 feet/30 meters scale, you can see that if you spend 35 minutes at depth, you will be required to take a 15 minute stop at 3 meters. You can also see that if you spend less than 20 minutes at depth, no stop is required as you will not be at depth long enough to absorb enough nitrogen to cause the bends – of course, this assumes, as does the entire table, a so-called square dive profile, in which you descend directly to depth, and then ascend directly from that depth.

The male replica watch is made from stainless steel.
Male Watch Replica Mido Ocean Star

For divers and non-divers alike, the presence of the colorful decompression tables offers rather more in the realm of cosmetics than in that of practicality, but it gives the watch a pop and dazzle that seems to incarnate the very notion of a summer watch – especially for anyone who remembers with fondness the elation of the bell on the last day of school that marked the beginning of summer vacation.

If the dial is charmingly anachronistic, the movement is quite modern; inside is the Mido Caliber 80, which has a power reserve of 80 hours. The movement is part of a general trend across the Swatch Group to equip its watches with balance springs offering better resistance to magnetism than conventional Nivarox-type alloys, and to offer longer power reserves as well (even the Swatch now comes equipped with a titanium alloy balance spring, made of an alloy called Nivachron, which offers superior performance as well). The movement is an upgraded version of the ETA C07.621 and is adjusted in three positions; it should offer good performance as well as somewhat better resistance to drifting on its rate than a watch with a standard alloy balance.

I have said that I think this is a great summer watch replica, but I think there is more to it than that. It’s a very striking timepiece which represents a larger part of the history of Mido, and it encourages us to reflect on the hazards inherent to exploration. Nowadays, much of the risk has been taken out of recreational scuba diving, and no sensible person would have it otherwise – especially divers, I am sure – but the somewhat seat-of-your-pants charm of yesteryear still has its appeal and recalls a time when a little risk was an exciting part of the equation, and when the dangers inherent in the activity were – within reason – part of the fun. Even in the dead of winter, I like to think that the aura of derring-do surrounding the era this watch represents will continue to provide satisfaction. After all, most of us will never dive, winter, spring, summer, or fall – and yet we may still wish to entertain pleasant fantasies of exploration and adventure in a brave new world beneath the sea. Why, just imagine what use a certain British naval commander moonlighting for MI6 might have made of one – perhaps whilst in the Bahamas, in the very year the watch debuted, on the trail of a sinister plot to blackmail the nations of the earth with their own atomic bombs – an operation code-named Thunderball.

Hands-On Perfect Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Chronograph Calendar

Male Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Master

In all the years that I’ve been writing about best fake Jaeger-LeCoultre, I really thought that I’d seen everything at this point. Gyrotourbillons, ultra-thin watches, square Reversos (remember those? the Squadra, gone but not forgotten), lubricant-free high-tech concept watches (the Extreme LAB), complications of every description – well, the list is long. Apparently, however, there is one thing which I have not seen and which nobody else has seen either from JLC, and that is a complete calendar chronograph with moon-phase. Jaeger-LeCoultre says that they have never done one before, and they should know, but as Jon Bues wrote in his Introducing coverage it still comes as a surprise to hear it – if you’d shown me this watch without any introduction and said, “Hey, this is such a great watch and you’ve never covered it in all these years, what’s the deal?” I’d have blushed and felt as if I’d been both unobservant and derelict in my duties as a consumer journalist.

This is all by way of saying, and I mean this as a compliment, that the new Master Control Chronograph Calendar looks as if it has been part of the JLC lineup for a long time. There are reasons for that, of course: The general layout of the watch is very much one intended to appeal to traditionalists, and the combination of these two complications is a traditionalist’s favorite as well. Perhaps the best-known vintage implementation is the hand-wound Valjoux 88, which was produced, at least for a Valjoux chronograph movement, in surprisingly small numbers. The first impression you get of this watch, therefore, is of a timepiece that, if new as a complication to its maker (which I still can’t quite believe) is certainly not new to watchmaking or to wristwatch design.

The male copy watch has a brown strap.
Brown Strap Copy Jaeger-LeCoultre Master

The Master Control Chronograph Calendar is part of the hot copy larger Master Control Collection, which was relaunched this year with redesigned cases whose basic profile was derived from JLC’s flagship complication for 2020 (at least so far), which is the Master Grand Tradition Grand Complication. That watch debuted with a slimmer profile to the lugs, which had also been opened up (although not actually openworked) with recesses along their flanks, as well as the case middle. The result was a version of the watch that seemed both more in line with the vocabulary of classic watchmaking, as well as more light and graceful. The recesses in the lugs and case middle haven’t been carried over to the Master Control line, and this is all to the good as it would seem affected in the context of these watches, but the sense of subtle grace is still present, helped along by a crisper transition from case to lugs, and a slightly more emphatic sense of geometry overall.

If there is little or nothing to complain of in terms of overall aesthetics, there is also certainly nothing to complain of in terms of fit and finish. While Jaeger-LeCoultre takes a back seat to no one – and I do mean no one – when it comes to the high-end horological decorative crafts sometimes referred to collectively as metiers d’art, there is another, more accessible, and just as important side to its character, which has to do with unostentatious excellence in daily wear mechanical watches. The case details in the Master Control Chronograph Calendar are not an overt paean to the decorative potential of steel; rather, they are intended to form a frame which, while it does not distract from the functionality of the watch, at the same time offers a reassuring sense of solidity and attention to detail should you wish to inspect the watch closely.

I think the dial of the Master Control Chronograph Calendar is exceedingly beautiful and well organized. There are no tricks being played here, in particular – just good, solid, clarity of design. This could indeed easily be mistaken for a complicated gent’s watch from the 1950s, although one thing that gives away the modernity of the watch is the crispness and clarity of the printing and dial furniture, as well as the equally crisp starry background to the lunar disk on the moon-phase display. I think that the dial works as well as it does as much for what JLC decided not to do, as for what it decided to do. The only slight quibble I have with the dial overall is that against the white dial, the highly polished hour and minute hands can sometimes be slightly difficult to pick out, but I certainly didn’t find that to be a fatal issue in terms of on-the-wrist legibility and utility.

The urge to fiddle for the sake of fiddling is very often on display in modern watchmaking, and it seems to become more and more noticeable and less and less successful as prices increase. The problem has always seemed to me to be at its most acute in chronographs, which seem to have the ability to bring out the worst in watch designers like no other complication. In this case, however, the level of detail feels entirely appropriate to the overall identity of the watch, and contributes a great deal to the impression that it gives of something intended to be a daily companion, and not just another more or less static addition to a collection.

For a full evaluation of chronometric performance, we would have had to do a full Week On The Wrist (which I would very much like to do with this watch at some point; I think it merits it and then some), but there is no reason to expect anything other than excellent performance from the movement. The movement, caliber 759, has some new-to-the-collection features, including the use of silicon components in the lever and escapement, and is a column-wheel-controlled, vertical-clutch mechanism; it also has a freesprung, adjustable mass balance, which has become more or less the standard in modern high-grade movements. It looks quite handsome and sturdy through the sapphire display back.

The white dial fake watch has moon phase.
White Dial Fake Jaeger-LeCoultre Master

The watch overall boasts very wearable-sounding dimensions – the case is 40mm x 12.05mm and water resistant to 50 meters. You could, of course, object that this would be an even more historically resonant watch in a smaller diameter, but after all, 40mm is hardly a Brobdingnagian dimension, and the width-to-thickness ratio makes for a watch you’d expect to feel quite comfortable on the wrist.

And you would be right. This is an immensely pleasurable watch to wear, and I make no bones about it; I didn’t want to give it back. I don’t generally feel a terribly strong desire to actually own watches, largely because, for many years, it has been my privilege to experience so many of them; I suppose I am rather like a restaurant critic in that respect, who for all they are passionate about food may not particularly feel the itch to own a restaurant. But I think this would be a damned fine wristwatch to wake up to every morning, to look at during the day, to use to mark the passage of the months and moons, and to put down on the bedside table at the end of a long day and have its calmly purposeful, beautifully balanced countenance the last thing I see before lights out.

This brings us, inevitably, to The Unpleasant Matter Of The Bill; in steel, this is a $14,500 watch. I wish it were less expensive, but I think part of that may be because I have been around long enough to remember when, across the board, prices for fine watches from Switzerland were a fraction of what they are today, and I basically wish everything was less expensive. I probably ought to put my Zen Buddhism where my mouth is, though, and cultivate a spirit of, if not acceptance, at least resignation on that score; last I checked time’s arrow only points one way. However, even at that price, you are getting an awful lot: a watch with a handsome diffidence, which is rather rare these days, and which achieves an identity of its own without resorting to either rote aping of a vintage model on the one hand, or novelty effects on the other. Plus, you are getting a watch from one of the most important names in Swiss fine watchmaking, and one whose reputation is based on real horological content to boot – Jaeger-LeCoultre likes to remind us that the company is sometimes called the Grande Maison in Switzerland, but given the firm’s decades-long mastery of every kind of watchmaking imaginable, we should probably let them have that one.

I think the greatest compliment I can pay the Swiss copy Master Control Chronograph Calendar is to say that it does not feel like an attempt to broadcast affluence, or one’s good taste, or to pay homage to something in the glorious past, or to break new ground technically or aesthetically. It is not a showcase for some fantastically demanding craft kept alive through the dark years of the Quartz Crisis by a devoted few; it is not intended to be an Instagram trophy, and it will not (at least, I think not) produce years of frustration in its fans as they idle on waiting lists. Instead, it has a rare, sole ambition: It wants to be a watch, and a damned good one, and at that it succeeds admirably.

UK Replica Breitling’s new Chronomat is a tribute to the watch that saved the company

Silvery Dials Replica Breitling Watches

Following its own departure from Baselworld last year, Swiss fake Breitling has been using standalone ‘summits’ to announce its new collections. Now, alongside with the annual watch fairs themselves (due to start in late April) these too have had to be paused, to be replaced by digital-only reveals. First out of the blocks was a new iteration of its famous Bond watch, the Top Time. And now comes an entire new collection of its aviation-inspired Chronomat model.

Although widely credited with helping save the Breitling business when it was launched back in 1984, the Chronomat can trace its history all the way back to 1942, when founder Leon Bretiling’s grandson, Willy, started producing chronograph watches fitted with logarithmic scales to aid air-borne navigation. Not for the first time, the Chronomat (a portmanteau of “chronograph for mathematics”) would become the choice of aviators the world over.

After the war, Willy continued evolving Breitling’s chronographs, partly to maintain its primacy in the complicated watch market, and partly to ensure it stayed true to its own aviation heritage.

The stainless steel fake watches are designed for men.
Stainless Steel Fake Breitling Watches

However, the buffeting the brand would receive from the advent of quartz in the Seventies proved too much for Willy to withstand, and it was Breitling’s next owner, Earnest Schneider – himself a keen aviator – who was to fully exploit the potential of the brand’s aeronautical focus.

Although best watches copy Breitling had launched its own quartz models, including a ‘Professional’ series aimed at its aviation clients, one specialist group of pilots – the Italian army’s Frecce Tricolori acrobatic team – preferred an analogue display only to found at the time on conventionally powered timepieces. Schneider obliged, launching a ‘new’ Chronomat in 1984 in celebration of the company’s centenary.

Easily recognised by the four, glove-friendly ‘riders’ that sit on the bezel, the new Chronomat watches swiftly developed a cult of their own, helped along by the sprezzatura of its Italian origins. And whilst many quartz producers opted to go slimmer and dressier the better to ape traditionally made watches, Breitling’s trademark was to become the sizeable and thus ‘high-status’ mechanical chronograph.

Cut to the present day and Breitling, which recently re-set the standard for its aviation models with the launch of its new Navitimer 8 series has announced a new Chronomat collection, reflecting what it calls its “commitment to creating authentic, everyday luxury for men and women of purpose action and style.”

The stainless steel copy watches have green dials.
Green Dials Copy Breitling Watches

In keeping with the times, Schneider had opted to power the original 1984 Chronomat with the watch industry’s workhorse chronograph movement: the Valjoux 7750. However, since 2004, the brand has been producing its own, COSC-certified automatic chronograph calibre, dubbed the B01. At the time of its launch, the Chronomat was chosen to unveil the company’s first in-house movement and it is used here across the range.

Other signifiers included across the new collection: a highly recognisable stainless steel integrated “Rouleaux” bracelet, superluminova hands and the addition of two new interchangeable rider tabs at three o’clock and nine o’clock (allowing the wearer to opt between ‘count up’ and ‘count down’ functions).

There are four colour ways in the main collection (from £6,650), all of which feature the contrasting sub dials used to denote the use of Breitling’s in-house movement. Additionally, these share with all but a rather special ‘Frecce Tricolori’ model (featuring a blue dial with matching counters and the team’s insignia), the use of a striking red central seconds hand.

There is also a perfect replica new ‘Breitling for Bentley’ model (£6,780), a continuation of sorts of its standalone series (now defunct) featuring a tell-tale racing green dial, a handsome bitmetal version which uses 18K red gold accents for the crown and bezel, and – summoning the hugely popular Rolex Yacht-Master perhaps – an all-18K red gold iteration fitted with a black rubber strap (£15,950).

Commenting on the new collection, Breitling CEO George Kern says: “The 1984 Chronomat occupies a very important place in modern history. It was the watch that boldly proclaimed Breitling was staying absolutely true to its roots. When much of the industry focused their efforts and energies on quartz watches, the Chronomat reminded the world that Breitling had essentially invented the modern mechanical chronograph. The message resonated and the brand prospered.

“The Chronomat Collection replica is a fitting tribute to the amazing watch that, more than any other, put us back in touch with our heritage.”