WATCH SPOTTING: Brad Pitt’s perfect TAG Heuer in Moneyball and the interesting story behind it

During the pandemic, many have used the time at home to catch up on a recommended TV series or film they may have missed in busier times, or re-watch some comforting favourites. In my seventh or eighth run-through of The West Wing television series, I almost spilled my beer in excitement when I spotted an Omega dress watch on my favourite fictional president (Bartlet 2020?).

This hobby has made watch lovers increasingly aware of what actors are wearing on their wrists. Just the other week I got a message from a buddy asking me what was on Sam Neill’s wrist in Jurassic Park III (an Oris if you were curious). The mark of a true watch enthusiast is when you find yourself rewinding and pausing, even at the risk of annoying your friends and family, to get the perfect screengrab of a watch worn by a character in film/television to post in your watch group — initiating a race among your #watchfam to name the reference spotted on your favourite character. The latest watch spot in pandemic movie night … Brad Pitt’s best fake TAG Heuer in Moneyball.

Brad Pitt wears the best watch fake TAG Heuer Kirium WL1113.BA0701.
Brad Pitt wears the best watch fake TAG Heuer Kirium WL1113.BA0701.
The movie

Moneyball, based on the book ‘Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game’ by Michael Lewis, tells the story of the Oakland Athletics baseball team and its calculating general manager, Billy Beane. A struggling Oakland A’s franchise (who had just lost superstar Jason Giambi among others) was revived and rejuvenated by advanced statistics and mathematical probabilities, which at the time was a novel departure from the traditional means of analysis and recruitment in baseball. This critical thinking, brought to the team by the genius mind of Billy Beane, has now become the standard for how teams look for the next generation of talent.

Male Replica TAG Heuer Kirium WL1113.BA0701 Watch
The story of the watch

Fortunately for those wristwatch-curious viewers, Brad Pitt is often wearing a short-sleeve shirt, giving the Swiss fake TAG Heuer on his wrist ample screen time. Thanks to Jeff Stein, founder of OnTheDash and expert on all things TAG Heuer, this was an easy watch to identify. Why? Because he actually helped make it possible for Brad Pitt to wear the watch in the film.

How was the watch chosen for the film? By Brad, of course

According to Jeff, on the first day of filming, the property master for Moneyball presented Brad Pitt with three watches to wear as options for the movie. Two of the watches were from the property master’s own supply and the third was from the wrist of a fellow crew member. Naturally, Brad didn’t go for the prop master selections. It was the crew member’s actual watch that Brad would eventually declare worthy of his wrist; the TAG Heuer Kirium. Cue Jeff Stein. As a known TAG Heuer historian and expert, who even the brand calls on for help and research to this day, Jeff identified the watch for the property master and even sourced the three watches that would be the “back-ups” for Brad.

As Jeff tells it, in the name of continuity (as well as ensuring the crew member got his watch back), the prop master sent a photo of the watch to a production company who contacted TAG Heuer. TAG Heuer then contacted Jeff, as the watch was no longer in production or their catalogue. Jeff identified the watch and proceeded to secure three examples, at approximately $400 – $500 USD a piece. Thus, he irrefutably knows firsthand what the watch on Brad Pitt’s wrist was: the TAG Heuer Kirium WL1113.

Blue Dial Fake TAG Heuer Kirium WL1113.BA0701 Watch
The watch details

The quality fake TAG Heuer Kirium WL1113 was produced by TAG Heuer in the late 1990s, as part of its Professional collection. The particular watch worn by Brad Pitt in the film has a midnight blue dial, Mercedes-style hands (most notably found on Rolex sports models), a unidirectional rotating dive bezel, with a classic case build, water resistant up to 200 metres. Outfitted on its factory-integrated stainless steel bracelet, it was a perfect choice for a dive in the ocean or a dive on the (baseball) diamond.

As Jeff explains in the forum post, this watch really suited Brad’s character. A pragmatic man and thinker, working for a struggling MLB team, the Kirium made sense for someone who had a keen eye for value. A reliable and robust timepiece, it was a great match for the film’s protagonist. And while Brad Pitt’s Citizen “Bullhead” Challenge Timer in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was not period correct, this watch was produced in the late ’90s, which means it’s very feasible that it was worn during a film set in the early 2000s.

Most men can relate to four accessories: belts, hats, sunglasses and watches. They are windows into the character and taste of a person. While a conscious or subconscious choice, it can reveal a sense of how a person thinks and chooses to express themselves. It’s arguably why when we watch spot during our favourite films, we rush to identify and source them ourselves. Horology, or at least its consumers, are highly driven by emotion. If we can slap something around our wrist that makes us feel stronger, bolder, tougher, wiser, and with a greater sense of prestige – we will make it happen whenever possible. Fortunately, in this case, if the Kirium watch resonates with you, it won’t take a movie star’s budget to source one of them today – a decade later, they are roughly available for the same price Jeff paid on behalf of the studio.

INTRODUCING: Best Fake TAG Heuer Formula 1 Indy 500 Special Edition Is A Circle Of Blacktop For Your Wrist

The black strap copy watch is made from black steel.

This year, Swiss TAG Heuer replica are celebrating more than a decade and a half of timing partnership with the celebrated NTT IndyCar Series, and are releasing a new special edition watch to mark the occasion. The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Indy 500 Special Edition was designed in close collaboration with the IndyCar team, and has a number of design cues that pay specific tribute to the legendary motorsports event. For anyone that has a soft spot for this race, it’s going to be a constant wrist-worn reminder.

For those unfamiliar with the Indianapolis 500 race, it does what it says on the tin. It’s held in Indiana, and it is a gruelling 500-mile race that has been running for more than a century, attracting some of the largest sporting crowds on earth. Known among fans as “The Brickyard”, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway circuit serves as direct inspiration for this latest TAG Heuer release. Early in its life, at the beginning of the 20th century, the entire track was paved with bricks, which were chosen for their relative safety as a driving surface.

The 43 mm fake watch is in limited.
43 MM Fake TAG Heuer Formula 1 Indy 500 Special Edition

Over the years, the bricks have been covered with more modern asphalt, but the start/finish line of the racetrack still features an exposed section of bricks as a nod to the history of the venue. It is these bricks that are featured on the dial of the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Indy 500 Special Edition, forming a strip across the 3 o’clock chronograph sub-dial.

The 43 mm case is hewn from black DLC sandblasted steel, offering a stealthy profile on the wrist. It matches nicely with the sandblasted ceramic bezel that features the text “INDY 500” at the 2 o’clock position. The solid steel caseback features an engraving of INDY 500, and guarantees the quality copy watch to be water resistant to 200m. Behind the solid caseback is a quartz chronograph movement that powers the watch, keeping the price more affordable and the case-profile slim.

The black strap copy watch is made from black steel.
Black Steel Copy TAG Heuer Formula 1 Indy 500 Special Edition

The black dial has several points of complexity that all add layers of visual depth. The black has a granular finish reminiscent of asphalt, and firmly roots the watch in its motorsport context. The three chronograph sub-dials are azurage-patterned and contrast nicely against the dark dial, and feature trios of red highlights as well as the INDY 500 logo emblazoned across the 6 o’clock sub-dial. In low-light conditions, the generously applied lume becomes visible, ensuring its functionality no matter the time of day.

Perfect fake TAG Heuer have a deep connection with motorsport events around the world, and it is a nice way for the brand to mark 16 years as the Official Timekeeper of the NTT IndyCar Series. The design is reserved, but still thoughtful in the way it visually pays tribute to one of the largest races in North America, and is sure to be popular with fans of the Indy 500 specifically, as well as motorsport enthusiasts on the whole.

Hands-on Quality Replica TAG Heuer x Fragment Design Calibre Heuer 02 Chronograph

The male fake watch has black dial.

Swiss TAG Heuer replica has been quite productive this year, creating more than one cool limited-edition chronographs. In addition to the two Carrera made for the brand’s 160th anniversary – Silver Edition and Carrera Montreal – the brand also renewed its partnership with designer Hiroshi Fujiwara and his streetwear brand Fragment Design. Following a minimalistic Carrera model in 2018, this year we have a new watch that not only looks brilliant but could also well be a teaser for new permanent motorsport-inspired models. Let’s have a closer look at the TAG Heuer x Fragment Design Chronograph.


Hiroshi Fujiwara is an internationally renowned Japanese streetwear designer, influencer, musician and founder of Fragment Design. He’s also a watch lover and has been working with TAG Heuer since 2018, to create special edition watches infused with its unique sense of design, mixing boldness and minimalism.

The first watch resulting from this collaboration was based on a Carrera, fitted with a minimalistic black dial and discreet connection with the brand Fragment. Not only the watch was stunning in terms of design, but it was also the base for the Silver and Montreal editions to come next. And for 2020, both brands are teaming up again and bring an unprecedented watch, which isn’t based on something existing yet in the permanent collection.

The male fake watch has black dial.
Black Dial Fake TAG Heuer Watch

Certainly, this new 44mm Automatic Chronograph will feel familiar to Heuer and TAG fans. Arguably, its shape and design are somehow close to both vintage watches or existing models. Yes, the mechanics inside the case aren’t new and have been used in multiple TAGs already. And yes, there’s an undeniable motorsport inspiration in this watch, and that’s not a surprise for a TAG Heuer. However… the combination of all these elements is not something we’ve seen before. This second TAG Heuer x Fragment Design watch is new and not just a different colour on an existing watch. That’s already quite interesting.

The base for this new watch copy TAG Heuer x Fragment Design Chronograph is named the “C-case”, a large and robust tonneau-shaped block of steel that easily refers to 1970s Autavia watches – specifically, the third generation ref. 1163. Indeed, we find here the typical pilot’s case with integrated lugs and highly raised bezel on top of the watch. Almost entirely brushed, the case, as some would have remarked, is also in line with the current Formula 1 watches, yet larger and built with more details (polished bevel on the side) but also more robustness… Maybe you can figure out what’ll be coming in the next month at TAG… This watch could easily become the top-tier extension of the F1 range. The references to the Autavia or the Formula 1 don’t end there.

The bezel’s insert, made of polished ceramic, includes a tachymeter scale with the same graduation (70-66-63) and deep notches as glorious 1970s racing models. The right side of the case features the crown, well-protected with guards, and recessed pushers for the chronograph. The screw-down crown and caseback allow for a comfortable 100m water-resistance.

The male replica watch is equipped with caliber Heuer 02.
Replica TAG Heuer Watch With Caliber Heuer 02

Fujiwara’s touch is particularly visible on the dial of this TAG Heuer x Fragment Design Chronograph, which has been treated in a very minimalistic way – which mostly comes down to the absence of applied hour markers, creating strong negative space on the dial. This bi-compax chronograph plays on monochromatic tone – black and white – only with red accents on the markers and hands. A discreet “Fragment” inscription is found between 4 and 5 o’clock, as well as the two brands’ logos at 12 o’clock.

There’s something really special to this dial, and even though simplistic and flat, it has a great personality. Legibility is also perfect in daylight, while slightly compromised during the night – only the hands feature SLN. The watch is delivered on a new 5-link steel bracelet, with polished and brushed surfaces. As a personal note, I could easily see this watch worn on a 1970s-inspired perforated black leather strap, just to reinforce its classic appeal – and to make it more comfortable too, as the case is quite large and heavy.

Finally, while many of the TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches are powered by quartz chronograph movements, this new perfect fake watch Fragment Design Chronograph relies on the brand’s in-house movement, the Calibre Heuer 02 – an integrated automatic chronograph with column wheel and vertical clutch. The movement is partially visible under a red-tinted sapphire crystal with Fragment’s logo transferred on its surface.

So yes, TAG and Hiroshi Fujiwara have created another very cool limited edition watch. No doubt about it. What’s even more interesting is that it somehow announces what will be the upcoming top-of-the-range Formula 1 Heuer 02 watch. When and how, we don’t know yet, but it will surely come.

INTRODUCING: The Best Fake TAG Heuer Aquaracer “Tortoise Shell” ain’t like your Granny’s glasses…

The summer watch is a category as important as pilot’s watch or doctor’s watch, but without the historically derived definition that comes from a serious professional context. A loose definition might include a watch that needs to be robust, waterproof and easy to read after five Aperol Spritzes, but it also needs to be fun and communicate a bit of personality. After all, the summer holidays (regardless of the hemisphere you live in) are a time when the workplace persona can be dropped, you can relax into the warmer weather and leave your more conservative timepieces in the safe for a few weeks. Bright colours, uncommon textures and interesting materials are all part of the summer watch playbook, as they aim to complement your board shorts instead of your boardroom suit and tie. For all those reasons, the new watch copy TAG Heuer Aquaracer “Tortoise Shell” is one of the most compelling summer watches to hit the market this year.

The blue straps fake watches are made from steel.
Blue Straps Fake TAG Heuer Aquaracer Watches

Being born into the Aquaracer family of perfect TAG Heuer replica makes perfect sense, as the tool watch DNA of the collection nicely matches up with the brief of being a robust and waterproof watch. True to heritage, this latest member of the Aquaracer gene pool houses the workhorse TAG Heuer Calibre 5.
The automatic winding movement is functionally focused, with the only complication beyond the time being the date display. Not something you might need moment to moment in the hedonistic liminalism of the warm summer sun, but helpful to remind you to go back to the office.
But where much of the Aquaracer collection is sleekly designed with a pallet of more neutral tones, these two new TAG Heuer Aquaracer “Tortoise Shell” references break the mould with exciting colours and visual textures. The 60-minute bezel has been produced in a marbled resin that gives the appearance of tortoise shell, a design decision rarely seen in watchmaking and more commonly seen in reading and sunglasses. This mottled effect has been produced in brown (with a black dial) and blue (with a blue dial) tones that complement several printed highlights on their respective dials.

The male copy watches have luminant dials.
Luminant Dials Copy TAG Heuer Aquaracer Watches

As you would expect from a TAG Heuer Aquaracer, both 43mm steel cases are water resistant to 300m, which should be more than enough for floating with a Campari and soda next to a pool bar in the Mediterranean. This is achieved with both a screw-down crown and caseback, the latter of which features the engraving of an antique diving helmet. The lume is liberally applied (remember, a great summer watch needs to be easy to read at night too) in both blue and green Super-LumiNova that offers a nice visual contrast.
Attaching the quality fake watch to your wrist is one of TAG Heuer’s comfortable rubber straps, which is fastened with a folding clasp. The straps feature an alligator leather texture and match the colours of the respective dials. Both watches are anticipated to be available in August 2020, in time for the end of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, and the beginning of our warmer months in Australia.